How To Check-In At A Trail Stop


Download The Dripping With Taste Trail App

Install the app onto your personal mobile device to check-in and earn your RXP (Real Experience Points) throughout the Trail. You can view your check-in history, RXP totals and update your personal profile all on the app.


Visit Any Official Trail Stop

Using the Dripping With Taste Trail app find the profile page of the Trail Stop you are planning to visit and make your way to that Trail Stop during their operating hours.


Locate the Tap Check Point

Enter the Trail Stop and locate the Tap Check Point. It is often near the register or check-out counter. If you have trouble locating the tap point ask a member of the staff.


Tap On A Check-In Opportunity

Once you are at the Tap Check Point ready to Check-In tap on the available Check-In Opportunity. This will open the Trail Stop profile.


Tap The Activate Scan To Check-In Button

Tap the Activate Scan To Check-In button. This will activate your phone’s scan functionality. Now, touch your phone on the Tap Check Point.

For iPhone users, you will want to touch the top of your phone on the Check Point.

For Android users, there is some variation in where readers are located. It is often in the middle of most Android devices, but if you are having issues please locate your device’s user manual to verify the location.


Show Your Status To Receive Your Trailblazer Exclusive Discount

If you are an active Trailblazer member, once you’ve checked in you will see a unique Trailblazer Identification badge. Show this to the staff member who is helping you check out and they will apply the discount they have listed in the app and on our website.

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  • BASIC Completion and Achievement Awards
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$12Monthly Pass (Reoccurring Until Canceled)
  • 10% - 25% Off On-Site Purchases*
  • 2X Earned RXP (Real Experience Points)**
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*Discount percentage applies to on-site orders up to $100 per Trailblazer member per day. Participating retailers determine how discounts are applied for members of this coalition loyalty program.

**On RXP earned for in-person check-ins at primary Trail Stop Locations. (Limit one check-in per member, per Trail Stop, per day)